Thursday, January 13, 2011

Las vegas "day&night" 2005


Cathy said...

What fantastic photos, Las Vegas is next on my wish list!

Curious, why don't you like Milan?

isabella noce said...

I was born in Milan in 1965, and till the eighties, it was quite nice town to live on...
Music, art, culture, party!
Free to go alone quite safely even at night...
...I was 18!...
After the nineties Milan started to become a mess too many people and traffic full of drugs and social problems.
The town grew too fast but the space was small and mismanaged.
People now are hysterical and rude
and all you have heard about Milan, modern town with fashion and richness is just a surface.
If you are in the center of Milan"Piazza del Duomo" and you are looking for an electric shaver you can find only clothin and shoe shops, banks and cafes but you have to walk 35 minutes toward the suburbs to find only one brand of shaver!
or else in place of the electric shop you find a Chinese restaurant!
A friend of mine visiting Milan, was at the Duomo and wanted to visit the "Scala" (one of the most famous theatres in the world very close to the Duomo could not find directions.
I have traveled a little bit in Europe and trust me, Milan is not so beautiful anymore.