Saturday, August 23, 2008

Just a little walk in Montevideo-Uruguay May 2008


Boris Villanyi said...

It's very beautiful, sweet sensibility in the choice of light and place, in this first post, i like very much the ambiant of "chicago 50'"!

Your work in photography is simply an escape in another place where we can feel the spirit of this landscape!

Have a nice day Isbella.

isabella noce said...

Dear Boris,
thank you for your nice comment...
I was in Monteviodeo for three days for a shooting for my job, and I really enjoy the atmosphere of the town and as you say "the spirit" of this place and the people.
Every day when they taking me on the set, I was watching outside...This world was running away from me...Nice architecture, plants, people and I can't stop the car ...I was sad not to take some picture of all of this, so the last morning before the flight I beg for a little walk the producer that was working with me, so we went two ours around the center and the market place, It was a saturday...
I really have more nice details that are store in my memory.